Jerry Brewis

Honoring a Management Philosophy Built Around Customer Success

When Jerry Brewis, owner and founder of Bay Country Financial Services, passed away on April 22, 2021, he left behind a legacy of over 60 years in the financial industry, and a philosophy of management that defines our company: business should be built on a foundation of trust.

Everything Jerry brought to Bay Country Financial Services was earned through hard work and perseverance, and he loved to share his expertise with his friends and co-workers. He was a friend and a mentor to his entire Bay Country family.

Jerry will be remembered for his love of basketball and boating, and his classic and exotic car collection. Jerry, the committed businessman, also had a softer side full of fun and love for his family and friends.

Jerry believed in building a business that is customer-centric, and he knew that business should be about quality of service, not number of customers. He passed these beliefs forward in his management philosophy:
One brick at a time, one step at a time, one loan at a time.
Jerry understood that the keys to a solid foundation are building your business to last and focusing on quality over quantity. Jerry knew that business growth will come if you stay the course and work at it…every day.

Bay Motor Finance was Jerry’s last great contribution to his lifelong idea: Make financing accessible for everyone. Jerry will always be missed, but we are eternally grateful for his lessons and are dedicated to honoring him by continuing his vision and philosophy on building better businesses through our personalized services and solutions…one loan at a time.